Note on Available Dogs

Notes on Dogs Available for Adoption

With the new web site, we will show 3 of the available dogs on the bottom of the home page.  Click the link near those photos to go to see all available dogs. 

We Sent our Final Paper Newsletter in January 2012. 
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 Please let us know if you are in the Chico area and willing to foster a dog matching your requirements. Fostering is approximately one week. You get to try out a dog, with no commitment. We provide food, equipment, pay vet bills, and are available by cellphone 24 hours per day for emergencies.  You provide love, attention, exercise.You get first dibs to keep the dog if it’s a match for your family.


 Click here to see the dogs we currently have available for adoption.   Check back often because we will update this page and the dog photos page frequently.  We always post pictures of new dogs the day we receive them.  

We serve Northern California  from our location in Chico (70 miles north of Sacramento), for those wishing to adopt small dogs Most adopters are from Chico, Paradise, Lincoln, Roseville and Sacramento.


We are looking for foster homes, event volunteers, dog walkers, and volunteer office staff in the Chico area.  Please let us know if you can possibly help us save more lives.  For each additional volunteer, an adoptable small dog is placed in the transport vehicle from a shelter, where for no other reason than being in the wrong place at the wrong time, it was going to be killed.


Our Contact Information is:
P. O. Box 8914

Chico, CA 95927

530- 230-4610




If you want to help us with donations, we also can use pet supplies like Natural Balance Dog Kibble, Natural Balance Dog Food Roll, Bully Stick dog chewies, Greenies dog bone chewies, exercise pens, dog beds, dog collars for small size dogs, small dog leashes, dog clothes in the SMALL sizes for dogs 10 to 15 lbs, and any gift certificates to Petco or any other pet shop or pet supply store would also be helpful (if they have a Chico, CA location or sell on-line).  Thanks.



New Google Ads added to Site

We wanted to let you know that we have added some Google ads to several pages of the web site as a new fund raising experiment.  Google decides what ads to show, and if you are interested and click on the ad, we get a small commission based on how much the advertiser is paying Google for your click.  So, please take a look at the ads and if they are of interest check them out.  Also, if the ad is for something that seems odd, please realize that we don’t have control over which ads show up.  Thanks for your support.

First Dogs Rescued by Airplane!

Thanks to our friend Lee Spiegel for flying Ken up to Mariposa to rescue 2 dachsund mixes.  Lee runs the Crafts Fair Guide and is a plane owner and an animal lover. 
Thanks Lee!

Small Dog Rescue Mentioned in
Bark Magazine! 

Make sure to pick up the summer 2004 issue of Bark Magazine to read the great article entitled “Esperanza” on page 55. It is all about the great program of “Compassion without Borders” to help spay and neuter dogs in Mexico and to bring some here for adoption.  Small Dog Rescue even gets a brief mention because we (and YOU) help find great homes for these wonderful dogs they bring up!  In fact, most of the dogs we have available for adoption right now came from Mexico thanks to these great people!

Please DO NOT CALL asking why we took down a dog’s picture from the web site.  We are simply too busy to call back about a dog that  is not available.  The reasons why we might remove a dog’s photo include:
- We are getting too many phone calls and can’t handle any more applicants.
- We were supposed to get the dog, but the deal fell through and they ended up going elsewhere.
- We deleted the photo to free up space on the server (and the dog is adopted).
- Thanks for understanding.  Kathy is only one person and we get 150 applications / month and hundreds of phone calls and somewhere in there we have to take care of the little doggies, too!
Thanks for your support!

If are serious about wanting a dog, please submit your application right away so we have it on file, because if you wait to see the picture here (which we post the day we get the dog), it may already be too late, since we may have someone lined up who already had their application
Once we have your application on file, then you can call us right away when you see a dog you are interested in.  (Due to the volume of applications received, we may not be able to call you, but we do keep your application on file.)  We will call you back if the dog is still available.  If we do not return your call about a dog, it means that dog is not available, so call us as soon as you see another dog you want.
Dogs marked ADOPTED are no longer available -
we  leave them on the site to show you the types of dogs we get.
If you can help us out by donating some gas money, we can save more dogs.  All donations are tax deductible. Even a few dollars donated will help!
Thank you for helping the dogs!

To see the photos of available dogs, click here

We can always use donations of dog food, pet supplies, dog leashes, dog clothes, dog beds, dog collars for small dogs, dog treats or gift certificates to pet supply stores like Petco.