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Dog Foster Homes in Roseville, CA, Donations & Volunteers Needed

How you can help Small Dog Rescue, Chico CAWe serve Northern California from our location in Roseville for those wishing to adopt small dogs. We are looking for foster homes, event volunteers, dog walkers, and volunteer office staff in the Chico area. Please let us know if you can possibly help us save more lives. For each additional volunteer, an adoptable small dog is placed in the transport vehicle from a shelter, where for no other reason than being in the wrong place at the wrong time, it was going to be killed.

Our Contact Information is:

We are a 501-c(3) non-profit corporation, so any donations are tax deductible. The group is VERY small, and all volunteers, and we run on a shoestring budget, but do a lot of good, saving over 100 dogs in a typical year. We need volunteers in the Roseville, CA area who would like to help care for dogs by being a foster home for dogs until their new family can be found.

We provide crates, leashes, food, and everything the dog needs. You provide the space and the love. And, you have “first dibs” on any dog you fall in love with and can’t imagine parting with. And, of course, like any non-profit we can always use donations of dog equipment (for the small dogs), dog food (small-bite size), or money to help pay for vet bills, etc.

You can donate with your credit card (via Paypal) by clicking the button below. If every visitor to the site donated the cost of a cup of Starbucks Coffee, we could save MANY more dogs! All Donations are tax deductible. Your donation is Tax Deductible.